Thursday, January 26, 2006


Well, I haven't wrote much, have I?

Anyways, I've literally moved to another blog space which is devoted to my poetry and literature. It is at Please go there to see all my artistic literature as well as my essays on things like Brokeback Mountain, etc.

As for this blog, I'll use it for other things in due course.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I've recently got interested in Chinese exhibitions as of recently.

The big one I'm looking forward to going to is the Three Emperors one at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. I'm thinking of going one this year then once next year for a calligraphy workshop with Qi Leilei. I've already bought a Friends of the Academy membership (which gives me free access to the exhibitions at the academy for a year) in preparation of the incoming months.

In Birmingham, I discovered (rather too late) an exhibition at the Waterhall Gallery of Modern Art about Chinese Printmaking Today. T'was a real gem that I couldn't believe I missed! So much so that I couldn't book a workshop for this Friday because it was sold out 3 - 4 weeks ago! It is a real shame, just when I'm beginning to actively visit and participate in public cultural activities of art and music... *sigh* Anyways, at least I get to see Xu Bing's rather exquisite work of "The Book from the Sky" which awed me.

I urge you to continuously check out to see if there are any hidden exhibitions in your area that you like.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Derren Brown Forum Advent Calendar 2005

Half size of Derren Forum Advent Calendar 2005 entry

Well, today I completed yet another one of my artworks. It was rather a quick work, since it was small (15x15cm) and the background is made of Christmas wrapping paper. I had to be quick since I know I will not have time next week.

It is for the annual advent calendar project for the Derren Brown forum which I frequent daily. It is a modified facsimile of one of CLAMP's work. I will upload it onto my website when I have the time so one can see it in detail.

No one on the forum except the organiser has seen it. Everyone will see it when the 3rd December pops up. That's my date.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Paths that are difficult


The world seems to be playing with me. I'm looking for a simple job to pass my time but because of lack of experience, no one seems to want me.

TBH, I want to work as a musician, because I can see that I am very good at it. I want to go to SOAS to study MA Ethnomusicology and maybe do a PhD there. That will be a long time in the future, because I am still young and not mature enough to step onto that plain. I really want to do this, but because I do not have money to do so, to realise my dream, it seems far off. Not only that, my family rather I didn't study music, saying it's a waste of time. They only care about material profit rather than the pysche of my autonomy.

Now, I'm running out of time. I'm slowly being pressed against the corner that I do not wish to be in. I really want to be employed, but now, they are sending me into a dreaded 'training programme' for the next two weeks. Soon, I'll be pushed over the edge. It's too bad that I can't go straight to do what I want to do the most.

I've been doing part-time at several Chinese restaurants that my family own or work in, but even now they don't want me there. I'm sick of no one giving me a chance to grow. I nearly had a job once. I secured the first interview and the un-paid trial run, but failed at the last induction hurdle when they asked me questions which I didn't know to answer, because there was no answer in the first place. Had to make things up. If that place was outside, instead of inside a company, then I'd probably be working now. But it seems that I keep falling down on the last hurdle. It's such a shame and it pains me that things aren't simple. The only hope is my winning of a manga competition so I get to secure a contract for a full lenght series. But the outcome is in a month or so away and that is rather too late to save me from going to the two weeks programme, which starts on Monday.

I wish Heaven would throw me a life line, coz I'm not looking forward to next week.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I've spent a very long time the past few months editing articles on

The biggest project has to be of which I wrote around 90-95% of. I had some good suggestions by my peers, and so far, it is finished to a good degree. Of course, I will have to do more work on it as and when. I've also extended it to include and They aren't so finished. Hard work I tell you.

Other articles which I started or edited include:

and some more which I forgot.

Hope you enjoy them.

Monday, November 07, 2005


My hands are sooooo tired I can hardly type!

Yes, I did some gardening with my father today. It is autumn, or according to the Chinese calendar, the beginning of winter 立冬 (just checking to see if I can type and display Chinese characters on this blog). So, in the garden we did some digging around. First to chop all the dead and old plants that would die soon, prune the hyacinths, etc. After that tiring work, off to plant some bulbs for the spring. Hopefully, I'll have some pics of them when spring time comes.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Creation of a Blog


So, this is my blog.


Anyways, I hope to share my work and music with all those who are interested. Work as in my arts, manga, etc. Music as in guqin music. All that later when I have the time.

So till then...